"I will fight for Alaska's Constitutional Rights to Manage, Maintain and Care for its own land and resources
 as a sovereign state."
Bob Lochner  for U.S. Senate
Integrity, Honor and Strength
"Not For Sale"

Priorities for the Nation

Secure the U.S. Borders
Rebuild the Economy
Veterans Support and Medical Care
This issue has been going on for more than 20 years.  It's time to fix it once and for all.  The rate of imigrants coming into the country is unsustainable.  It's costing tax payers billions of dollars a year.  We are the most compassionate and caring country in the world, but we cannot and should not allow our borders to be open.  We are not a borderless country.  We need to hold accountable those who cross illegaly, and assist those who want to become Americans.  We can no longer tolerate people that take advantage of our kindness and generosity as a nation.
Nearly half the fit and willing are out of work in this country.  This is unacceptable in the greatest nation on Earth.  This administration and our elected officials have allowed our secured debt to soar to over 18 trillion dollars.  They have sat around allowing the economy to fall.  We need leadership that will get the economy moving with simplified tax codes for individuals, as well as corporations.  We need leadership that has been in business and knows what it takes to be profitable and make the hard decisions.  The United States has so much potential, but our current leadership has stifled that potential at every turn.  It’s time to get the private sector moving again.
We have the greatest Military in the world and when they are called upon to do what they are trained to do, we do not forget them when they are hurt, damaged or broken.  This country owes it to the men and women of our military to take care of them after coming back from combat.  With nearly 50,000 Veterans homeless and 22+ Veterans commiting suicide a day, we, as a country, have failed them.  As a Veteran, I am commited to those who have served.  This administration has already been bringing in Syrian refugees and providing them with homes, money, household items and more.  We cannot tolerate this any longer.  Our veterans must come before any refugee!
Building a Secure Nation
Tax Reform - Keep It Simple
A healthy number of LEGAL immigrants to allow into the United States is around 250,000 a year.  This number would be a healthy number if our economy was strong.  The Obama administration has allowed nearly 3 times that number, nearly 600,000, into the country in a weak economy.  The number of ILLEGAL immigrants and UNVETABLE refugees is not economically sustainable and is putting Americans at HIGH risk.  The irresponsible behavior of the Obama administration will create an economic collapse and leave this country so far in debt it would not have the ability to recover. We must stop the influx of immigrants into the country until we have strengthened our economy, secured the southern border and secured our nation.  We strengthen our economy by simplifying our current tax structure and spend within our means.  On a smaller scale: You would no more bring an additional 20 people into your house, when you only have the budget to take care of 5.  Once you used up all your savings and resources, you would find yourself in economic collapse.  It works the same way with a country.  We must secure our Southern border and rebuild our economy.
We must simplify the tax codes and regulations.  We must have a budget and stay within the budget.  We need leadership that is not afraid of making the tough desisions. 
Here is my Tax Plan:
  • Exemption of taxes to $30,000
  • Personal income tax is 10%, never to exceed 15% over $30,000
  • Business and corperate tax is 20%, never to exceed 25% over $30,000
  • Any entitlement program that pay's out more than $30,000 a year in benefits, personal income tax will be paid for the amount in excess of $30,000
  • There will no longer be deductions and loopholes.
  • Re-evaluate  the "Non-Profit" status for every organization. 
  • 80% of the total taxed GNI (Gross Nation Income) from the previous year, would be the budget of the Federal Government for the current year.  Period!   ***Keep in mind, that the more people working, the larger the 80% of the taxed GNI, in dollars, will be ***
  • 10% of the taxed GNI will be used to payback Medicare until it is solvent.
  • 10% of the taxed GNI will be used to payback Social Security until it is solvent.
  • Once the Medicare and Social Security benefits are solvent, the 20% will go into the Constitution Budget Reserve account until it reaches 20 trillion dollars.
  • Any monies over the 20 trillion can be spent on earmarks and special projects ONLY by the vote of the people
Veterans before Refugee's
This is the biggest disappointment with Senator Murkowski.  She is on the subcommittee on Veteran affairs and we have over 50,000 homeless veterans in this country.  She voted "Yea" on the 1.8 trillion dollar omnibus bill that was passed in late December.   Sending our country further in debt.   This 1.8 trillion dollar bill is Obama's open checkbook to bring hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee's into this country.  Providing them with housing, education, cash and even social security cards.  It also gave Planned Parenthood their 1/2 million dollars.  Both, 90% of the country opposed.  Answer this question:  How is it, that Planned Parenthood needed 1/2 million dollars of our money, and yet they have 20 million to spend on fighting Pro-Life candidates in 2016?  Let me write out what 20 million dollars looks like....
$20,000,000 - This what Planned Parenthood has, to play politics.
As your U.S. Senator,  I will fight for the men and women that have fought for our freedoms and liberty's.  Maybe Senator Murkowski should have fought to provide our homeless Veterans with $500,000.  They deserve no less.  50,000 homeless Veterans in this country and more than 22 Veterans commiting suicide a day is dispicable and unacceptable!
Medicare and Social Security
IS NOT An Entitlement!
This is one subject that career politicians don't understand.  Why you ask?  Politicians that have been around since before 1984 don't pay into Social Security and Medicare.  Or, since 261 of our representatives are millionaires.  So to them, it is an entitlement.  As your Senator, I will start on my first day, to work at getting both of these accounts solvent and sustainable.  You deserve better and it is time to hold accountable those who think they can steal from these accounts and get away with it. 
Not on my watch!

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